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Bamboo Yoga Play Studio Costa Rica

Bamboo Yoga Play Studio ~ A Place for Creative Exploration and Transformation in Paradise

pure souls studio 350The Bamboo Yoga Play studio represents the heart and soul of Danyasa™ Eco-Retreat.  With beauitful bamboo floors, a state of the art sound system and world class teachers in yoga, dance and more movement modalities, we take great pride in offering a top notch experience for our guests. Costa Rica Journeys rates Bamboo Yoga Play the #2 of the top 10 places to do yoga and retreats in Costa Rica.  Costa Rica Yoga Retreats ranked us #3 of the top 10 retreats and calls us "one of the best destinations" in Costa Rica. More than a few people, including teachers, have told us that Bamboo Yoga Play is the most beautiful studio they have practiced or taught in.

In the heart of the quaint beach town of Dominical, on the shores of the warm Pacific Ocean, just three hours south of San Jose and two hours from the tip of the Osa Peninsula, and surrounded by the Baru river and lush mountains, we found the perfect spot to teach, practice and learn yoga, dance and movement arts, and we've created a magical space to do it in.  


A Sanctuary for Living Artfully

We offer a sanctuary for the arts.  Classes, retreats, teacher trainings -  you name it! Our unique and exquisite studio offers views of the ocean, river, and jungle. The studio sits atop our eco-friendly home constructed from recycled shipping containers. Practice takes place in the gorgeous, open air, netted, 1200 square foot studio, with high ceilings and elegant bamboo floors and half-walls.  Natural light and fresh air fill the space; birds, butterflies and iguanas play outside the netting. A state of the art sound system, a wall of mirrors, Yoga Play Swings and various yoga props, blankets and bolsters compliment the experience, be it asana practice, dance, meditation or a guided movement journey.  We offer the ultimate indoor-outdoor environment, where one can experience nature while exploring ones own inner landscape.

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"Visiting Bamboo Yoga Play in Dominical has become an integral part of my experience. The large raised studio is set next to the jungle and ocean, and is right off the main road. While in the studio you can feel the fresh breeze wash over you, and hear tropical birds chirp all around. There is honestly nothing that simultaneously uplifts and grounds me as much as a great open-air yoga session ... there is a wide range of yoga and movement classes to choose from ... One session might literally change your life. If you are looking for something different to immerse yourself with, there are constantly workshops, performances, and retreats going on at the studio, check the website for the latest offerings."   -- Kyra Bramble, Travelletes





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