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100-HR Radiant Living: Yoga and Ayurveda September 27th – October 10, 2015 Directed by Ashleigh Sergeant and Kishan Shah Applicable…
Advanced Danyasa Yoga Arts for Women: Teaching Through the Lens of the Goddess May 31 - June 13 Directed by…
  WANDERLUST TEACHER TRAINING: COSTA RICA (FEB 9- FEB 21, 2015) Join Ashleigh Sergeant and Sofiah Thom at Danyasa Eco-Retreat…
Yoga as Medicine: Advanced Yoga Therapeutics wiith Meg McCraken and Ashleigh Sergeant April 12-25th, 2015 Applicable to 100 Hour Yoga Alliance…
Life Cycles, Innate Wisdom & the Creative Muse September 13-26, 2015 Directed by Indu Jane Fryer & Sofiah Thom Applicable…
February 22-25, 2015 with Michelle Nayeli and friends! A movement journey unlike any other! A depth immersion into the overlap…




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