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  • So much has changed for me since my stay at Danyasa and so much has changed BECAUSE of my stay at Danyasa, that I felt compelled to reach out and express my gratitude... When I visited your space in Costa Rica last year, I was grieving not only the loss of a loved one, but also the loss of my true self. I came to Dominical in search of some healing, but experienced so much more. I felt such a strong reawakening of my divine light and my true self, that I was able to cultivate the power I needed to change my life to "live my yes." Staying at Danyasa was the start of an enormous shift in my life... I am in love with my life and myself again, and although I have lived in many beautiful places and met beautiful people, I am always comparing it back to Costa Rica, Dominical, and Danyasa. So first, thank you. For inspiring a change that has lead me to become a truer version of myself, and helping me realize my dreams. I'm sure I am not the first person to write you such a message, but I can bet there are dozens more you have impacted but they never let you know. So, I just wanted to say.... thanks.
    Chelsea Ogozaly - The World
  • Beauty, hospitality, vitality and sensuality through design and dance. Danyasa is the perfect place for your immersion into deeper levels of Self. Brendan and Sofiah are the perfect hosts. You'll feel at home and inspired to live artfully.
    Jocelyn Gordon - Arlington, Virginia
  • A totally unique place where you will feel right at home. Danyasa is run by Sofiah and Brendan, as well as several yoga teachers and healers, who really live their yoga, every day. I learned so much from them and consider them true friends, and hope to return soon. The rooms they offer to guests are cozy, clean, and comfortable. There is a nice little kitchen for making tea or food. The quality of yoga instruction here is absolutely excellent (and I'm a teacher, so I know what I'm talking about).
    Rachel S - Brooklyn, New York
  • If you are looking not only for both outer adventure and inner exploration look no further. Brendan and Sofiah have created an inspired an inspiring sanctuary dedicated to its guest's full person well being. Their hospitality, their attention to detail, and the couple's own love of life long learning, growth, and play makes this place a must stop. I have stayed their several times, and have always felt nourished by the classes, my interactions with the owners and the other guests, and the world class surf nearby. Thank you Brendan and Sofiah!
    Austin Shaw - Berkeley, California
  • I stayed here for nearly a week in July of 2013, and my memories of this tranquil place situated in the quiet town of Domincal make my heart happy. Even if you are not staying at their eco-retreat (now called Danyasa), taking a class in the studio (Bamboo YogaPlay) is an experience you won't forget. This studio is the epitome of the beauty in yoga.
    seejesswrite - Connecticut
  • An oasis of all things good in Dominical. If you are looking for a great vibe, a friendly team, nice views, folks who know Dominical and where to get the best of everything, how to arrange everything, and amazing connections across the country, look no further. If they were not full many of the nights, I would have spent every night there.
    Evo Rod - Ubud, Indonesia
  • Brendan & Sofiah have created a haven of tranquility and health. My energy was instantly uplifted by their sweet hospitality and the healing atmosphere of the Danyasa retreat. I had the opportunity to take a yoga class in their gorgeous open-air studio and experienced a breezy and angelic massage session in the garden, with dozens of colorful birds singing near the river..
    Elsa Bella - Sausalito, California
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