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Costa Rica Boutique Eco Accommodations


We provide an a comfortable, safe and friendly eco-accommodation experience here at Danyasa™ Eco-Retreat in Dominical. Our boutique eco-hotel currently offer four rooms in total for rent. Three of these rooms have queen-size beds and air conditioning.  The fourth room has a single bed with mosquito netting and a fan.  All rooms are made out of beautifully refurbished up-cylced cargo containers with secure doors, windows, and ample space for your belongings to be hung or stored.  Includes maid service Monday through Saturday.

We offer a shared outdoor kitchen, fully equipped with refrigerator, stove and everything needed to cook one's meals. The rooms also share a beautiful deck and community area as well as a secluded outdoor jungle shower. Two rooms have private bathrooms and two share a bathroom.  

We also offer free Wifi hi-speed internet and free filtered water. 

Room rental includes access to the studio when not in use for classes and private sessions. 

All of our rooms, our studio and our grounds are a non-smoking environment.  Thank you for your understanding.

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"I went to Costa Rica knowing that I needed a place that would allow me to at once hunker down and focus on my writing work; but also to address my sense of balance and wellness; so Brendan and Sofiah's B&B / yoga studio was for me like a perfect and unexpected oasis. It was the optimal place for me to unwind, release, concentrate and of course enjoy.  It was incredibly comforting to create my own sense of space there, while also having the unique opportunity to meet and exchange with others (staff members, other guests, local friends of Sofiah and Brendan).  The result was an experience that was so more than just 'accomodations.' It was a week of dynamic interaction, nutritious fare, lots of yoga, insightful conversations and total peace.

The actual spaces are almost camouflaged with the tropical jungle that surrounds them, so even though there is an A/C and a perfectly cozy mattress in the room, you never really forget that you are entrenched somewhere magical, deep in nature.

I highly recommend a stay at Sofiah and Brendan's to anyone looking for a personal and customized travel/wellness experience; or for anyone looking to try something new."

Monica Haim, Writer from Israel



Reservation Refund and Payment Policy:

Reservations are considered confirmed upon receipt of payment. Payment is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to start date of reservation. Payment is 50% refundable between 29 days and 15 days prior to start date of reservation. Payment non refundable within 15 days prior to start date of reservation.







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