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In the Heart of Dominical, Costa Rica...

Online Bamboutique coming very soon!!

Meanwhile, if you are in Dominical make sure and visit our Bamboutique - the hippest store in Central America!


We offer an exclusive and select array of clothing, art and accessories not found anywhere else in Costa Rica or Central America.  From yoga and beach wear to jewelry to yoga accessories and propes, most of our product comes from our amazingly talented friends both in Costa Rica and around the globe.  We pride ourselves on carrying eco-friendly products such as organic cotton and bamboo fabrics, eco friendly yoga mats from Manduka, recycled plastic beach mats and organic soaps made locally.  Whether you stay with us or come to yoga class or not, don't miss stopping in to check out our boutique.  It's one of a kind!

'The pictures below were taken in Pavones at Meadow's fashion show,
sporting one of her bamboo and organic cotton blend bikini's.'

Bamboutique is also proud to carry Melodia Designs, wonderful organic bamboo clothing!

New! Satya Jewelry- Yoga inspired jewelry!

Local Artist J. Lee Curiosities

We also have unique Jewelry from Cara Ucci, Avalee, and more...

New! Leather Belts

We sell Bamboo Yoga Play Swings for Inversion Therapy, Aerial Yoga and Play!

Sofiah is currently in the process of making an instructional dvd, so please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one.

And, of course, we sell all the yoga accessories you may want or need, from yoga mats to water bottles, yoga props, and more... 
More gorgeous products offered at the Bamboutique!





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2015 Dates TBA

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Yoga Alliance Certified 200 RYS School

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