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"I feel supremely transformed since coming home. I feel Source heard my call, and I got exactly what I needed from my time at Bamboo Temple. (Thats my name for it now :) ) I feel more embodied, and have an even deeper feeling for channeling GRACE than I did before. I also feel more open- physically, spiritually, and my face feeling open and the old voices of fear of showing my face are becoming more and more faint."

Erika D.


"Serendipity brought me to this little slice of heaven, where I realized that I not only had an amazing environment to work/play in, but the perfect guide/friend/teacher/muse who came along with it. Sofiah was the ultimate companion—at once an imparter of wisdom, a holder of truths and a genuinely inspired soul. Just being in her midst felt like a total honor and simultaneously calming. From the morning pre-yoga smoothie on the deck overlooking the lushness of the jungle, to the walk down to the river—each moment with Sofiah was always somehow laced with presence, play and possibility. For me, as the ultimate freelancer who can work from anywhere, Bamboo Yoga Play was the perfect blend of comfort and sass. I could walk to the beach and do yoga every single day, and also hanker down in my room to get some work done. The best thing about this little Dominical gem is that it provides a full-spectrum experience that combines all the best things in life: wellness, fun, joyfulness and love. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for an integrative, holistic and totally unique experience."

Monica H. - Isreal


"Absolutely amazing, so inspiring to see the good work being done and thriving and raising the threshold. Namaste!"

Jonathan C., Colorado - Massage Therapist


"I began my journey as an anxious, closed person, unsatisfied with myself and unaware of the real enjoyment of life, by which I projected unhappiness onto my body. I found vocalising my feelings and mental state to Sofiah a vital part of trying to articulate what was going on inside my head, in order for her to gain insight, yet it was through the work with my body where I really began to connect with the 'real' me. Surrendering myself to life, love and truth was a terrifying experience, but the most vital and amazing journey, which I am still treading today. Where I had always pushed myself to the limit, questioned 'why?' 'who am I?' 'what do people think?' 'what SHOULD I do/think/say etc', learning to detach myself from that negative energy by coming into a purely physical state where my mind is focused only on breathing, allows the truth to emerge, reminding myself that I am a spiritual, rather than superficial, being. The sensations I felt from physical work, breathing, stretching, dance, made me remember the most obvious fact of all, which I had forgotten , that my body is not some strange, unwelcome parasite, but it is ME, it is the physical embodiment of the warrior within. Allowing my imagination to flow brought me to visualize my pure inner being as a bright shining blue gem, and this gem has stayed with me throughout the troughs and peaks of life since Costa Rica 2009. The body is an expression of the mind, so by nurturing the body one's positive communication to the world can be felt as a vessel of love and joy."

Lauren B. - Student


I recently had the pleasant opportunity to meet you and also be a part of your workshop at Envision Festival. I felt compelled to write you and let you know how incredible the experience was for me!!

Embodying the Graceful Warrior - You my Love are a TRUE Goddess!!! The energy that radiates off you fills the room with such a positive vibration. A vibration that allows people to open up and discover their own inner god or goddess. You truly are one of the most beautiful human beings I have ever encountered and I hope for the opportunity to meet again.

Kristian K. -  Salt Lake City


This testimonial is for a One On One movement session i did with her...

"I had such an amazing and unique experience dancing with Sofiah. I felt so fully welcomed and seen by her, immediately upon entering her beautiful studio space. At the time, I was experiencing some pain in my foot. I was quite touched by Sofiah's compassion for that experience, and her invitation to me to dance in a way that honored the discomfort while still entering an unrestricted and expansive flow. The dance itself was incredible — with her gentle, empathic and deeply intuitive guidance, I was able to move so freely, allowing my inner experience to surface and transform in the dance. I moved through a great deal of energy, ending in an incredible space of open-heartedness. I so much appreciate Sofiah's powerful work with me. She is a deeply connected and embodied priestess!"

Caitlin S. – Environmental Advocate, San Francisco


"I got more out of a one-on-one movement session with Sofiah than I would have gotten out of hours of talk therapy. She has an ability to create and hold space where anything can come up. She tells you so and you know you can believe her. Movement has a way of letting me access the unconscious, the inarticulatable, in a powerful way. Exploring movement in the presence of Sofiah's intuition, her ability to be present, and her openness, is truly a gift. I'm grateful to have crossed paths with her. Weeks later, the subtle, nuanced shifts the session catalyzed are still being felt"

Antonia K., Photographer – San Francisco


"What joy to move through Sofiah's Embody Grace class! I love the opportunity to tune in to myself; trust, as she often says, that my body knows exactly how to move in every moment; and play in that space of expressing myself without masks, even from myself. Each class is like a moving meditation, and I watch myself experience everything from pure, child-ful glee to deep mourning and grief. When I come out the other side, I feel I know myself better, and that I have participated in a communal celebration of our respective and collective spirits."

Antonia K., Photographer – San Francisco


"Sofiah is an intuitive and welcoming host. She created a workshop that was intune with each individual´s needs and as a group. Having found the workshop by chance, it was the perfect space to stop on my travels and connect with an inspiring collection of people."She has created an enchanting studio where you can come and relax and feel safe. I tried new exercises and dances, and the workshop for me as a whole was a highly empowering experience!"

Lisa P., Student - London


"I'm writing to say thank you. You once asked me if I was an artist and I said no. You replied by saying, "but we are all artists". I now know that to be true. An amazing path has unfolded before me. I'm teaching my second NIA class tomorrow and I'm so grateful" and amazed with myself that I have embraced this path. I think of you often and wanted you to know my gratitude.

Cessa K. - Whitehorn, Portland


"As a performance artist, I wished to gain a deeper bodily connection and movement perspective while embodying the graceful warrior. Sofiah Thom's music selection and eloquent dance exercises facilitated the ability for me move in new ways, leaving me with the ability to engender memories of past and future, spoken through the syntax of dance."

-Stephinity S. - Denver






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