Kaitlyn Ferrel

Anatomy, E-RYT 300

“I teach because I want to inspire the spark of curiosity that takes you deeper into the unknown mysteries of the practice.” Kaitlin Ferrell has studied with many well renowned teachers. She was fortunate enough to spend over a decade in Los Angeles, California, studying extensively with senior instructors, many of whom studied under Krishnamacharya, known to be the “Father of Modern Yoga.”
“I feel blessed to have received the gift of yoga from so many wonderful teachers, who remind me that we are all students, first and always.” Kaitlin still studies on a consistent basis with her teachers, including senior instructor Chad Hamrin, who shares that there is always a deeper place to go if you are open to it. She started teaching yoga in Los Angeles in 2014, and opened up a school of yoga in South LA, the first of its kind in the area. The school, Radha Yoga, is currently thriving, and has in-person and online classes.
Her teachings are a combination of her experiences in the practice. She teaches from a place of discovery and inspiration. Her classes are known to be creative and engaging.
Kaitlin currently lives in Costa Rica and still teaches students that have been studying with her for over a decade, both online and in-person. She loves sharing the practice with everyone who is curious. She teaches from a genuine, heart-centered place, which is felt the moment you step into her class.

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