Claudia Gallo

Claudia Gallo yoga master

Originally from San Jose in Costa Rica, Claudia spent over a decade traveling and working worldwide, continually deepening her practice as she traveled around Southeast Asia, the USA, and Australia, constantly taking workshops and other trainings. She recently moved back to Costa Rica and is one of the in-house yoga instructors at Danyasa Yoga Eco- Lodge as well as the Guest Liaison.

Claudia did her first 200 hrs teacher training in India at Himalaya Yoga Valley in 2011 and completed her 300 hrs in 2017 in New York at Yoga Works. She also has a vast interest in healing and restorative practices, which lead her into a Yin Yoga training and a Reiki course.

With a background in sports and adventure and a third-generation instructor, Claudia’s energetic yet serene personality invites you to journey within. Her well-rounded classes focus on the awareness of the body, importance of the breath, calming of the mind, and opening of the heart, inviting you to a deeper connection and balance of the mind, body, nature, and spirit.

Each of Claudia’s classes is creative and sometimes challenging yet always very grounding. She pays special attention to proper alignment, and her cues are clear for beginners and advanced practitioners. Claudia will always make you feel comfortable, at ease, and inspired with her down-to-earth personality. Her classes flow with grace, and her voice nurtures you to places deep within.

Her events, workshops, and retreats reflect the love and passion she has for the practice, and Claudia transmits that passion and touches the practitioner’s hearts to look within.

Committed to sharing wellness in an integrative and functional way and the deeper meanings of the yoga traditions, Claudia finds a way to take you into a peaceful mind and creative “Pura Vida” living.

Classes: Dynamic flow, yin yoga, gentle flow

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