Hanna Ataffi

Hanna Attafi yoga instructor at Danyasa Yoga

Hanna has been a student of yoga for the last 15 years. This strong foundation, combined with her training and experience leads her to offer creative, safe & supportive, balanced classes accessible to all levels.

Hanna has many teachers including Ram Das, Mother Nature, Andrea Boyd, Stacy Attafi, Jeffrey Cohen, Yung Pueblo, and many more. Hanna continues to explore her inner and outer worlds and loves to travel, eat delicious food, sit quietly and watch the wind blow through trees, catch longboard waves, ask questions, and exchange knowledge and experiences with others.

She has led a yoga retreat in Greece and taught yoga in various countries over the years. In addition to teaching yoga, she is also a former third-grade teacher and is passionate about supporting the mental health of teachers through mindfulness workshops she carefully created, just for teachers (www.pathwaysforpresence.com).

Gratefully balancing a mix of working, playing, learning, creating, and being, Hanna currently resides in Costa Rica and looks forward to planning her next retreat soon. 

Classes: Mindful Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Flow


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