Sound Spheres by Temple Step and Madhu Honey

Flyer for Sound Spheres Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing - Tues Nov 29 5-8pm


Both experienced ritual and performance artists who are founders of Ecstatic Dance Melbourne, Australia, will guide us on a journey through an Ecstatic Dance journey and into a delicious sacred sound transmission of divine healing.

Join Ben Temple Step for Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing Transmission
with live vocals and guided meditation by Madhu Honey

Sweat your Prayers
Release what no longer serves
Align with your desires
Dance your dreams
Become Still
An orchestrated Soundscape to transport you into another dimension
One of bliss and receptivity to receive the magic available to you.

Incorporating sound healing, guided meditation, and somatic sensing(a deeper embodiment of listening), this experience is a multi-layered sound bed that infuses the intelligence of binaural beats sound technology to guide you into theta and alpha brain wave states which assist in dropping you into a deep, relaxing flow state.

Through the elemental soundscape, you will experience the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether, each correlating to the chakra-tuned root notes, encouraging deep relaxation, integration, transformation, and renewal.

Listeners receive feelings of well-being, deep relaxation, and personal transformation.

Ben weaves his sonic wizardry through his creation of audio technology, pioneering the future of sound healing using Ableton live, effects, and midi controller keyboards, whilst Madhu brings her multilayered voice of the cosmos and leads with guided meditation and percussion.

Participants lie down in a relaxed position and close their eyes. Then when fused with recordings of the cosmos, sacred multicultural prayer music, and nature, the sound creates associations that can facilitate transformation, letting go, and deep rest. Using Live Vocals to facilitate mediation, Synths, Psyco-Acoustic Effects Processing, and Granular Synthesis, Sound Spheres takes sound healing to a new sonic level.

Expect a deeply integrative healing and transformative experience.

Temple Step is a Music Producer, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Sound Healer, and Trainer with an extensive history in live performance, ceremonial musicianship and music production. His original music is world-renowned for igniting dance floors around the globe. His DJing spans years of residencies in Bali and Australia. His music production collaborations include some of the finest intentional musicians on the planet, Desert Dwellers, Deya Dova, Hang Massive, Peruqious, Liquid Bloom, Dub FX, Nessi Gomes, and so many more.

Madhu Honey is an Australia-based Performance Artist, dance and movement Facilitator, Vocalist, and Event creator.

Her experience has seen her lead and co-create ritual theatre dance productions, ceremonies, sound healings, somatic workshops, and re-wilding retreats across Asia / Australia. Her sacred and embodied transmissions have been well received throughout festivals and retreats. She has presented at events that include the world-renowned Byron & Bali Spirit festivals; Woodford; Uplift Wellness Festival, Earth Frequency. Rainbow Serpent and many more.

Delivering a delicious dose of sassy liberation. Madhu’s power, presence, and passion are evoked as she offers up the sweet nectar of life.


Sound Spheres Journey

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