Sofiah Thom and Brendan Jaffer are visionary leaders known for their transformative contributions to the world of conscious festivals and sustainable retreat spaces.

As the co-founders of Envision Festival and Danyasa Eco Retreat in Costa Rica, over the past 17 years, they have pioneered a movement of healing arts, music, sacred movement, and environmental awareness in the Southern zone of Costa Rica.

Brendan Jaffer is a visionary builder and sustainability advocate who has carved a distinct path in conscious construction in Costa Rica over the past thirty years. With a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and innovative design, Brendan has become a beacon for those seeking to merge aesthetics with eco-consciousness.

Sofiah Thom has been teaching, speaking, and performing in-person and online around the globe for over two decades. Driven by her lifelong passion for ritual dance, creative expression, and feminine spirituality, Sofiah creates a safe and powerful container for expanding one’s infinite potential through the intersection of dance, spirituality, and holistic healing.

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