Our Team – The Danyasa Tribe

We love our team and we know beyond a doubt that you will too. Our team goal consists of crafting an experience that gets you out of your day to day and into nature, into your body, and more connected to inspiration. We strive to create moments that you will remember for the rest of your life. Our amazing teachers and staff excel in helping find just what you need… be it that hidden waterfall down the road, that amazing adornment in our boutique or that inner peace and joyous glow we see on people’s faces after a yoga session.

Sofiah Thom

Co-founder of Danyasa,  Founder of Temple Body Arts, Teacher, Trainer and Mentor

Hanna Attafi Yoga Teacher

Hanna Attafi

200 RYT Yoga Teacher

Fernando Kundalini Teacher

Fernando Bolaños

200 RYT Yoga Teacher

Andrea Mattson

Chef & Dance Instructor

Ruby the Cat

Pirate in a Previous Life


Conrad Lippert

200 RYT Yoga Teacher


Lacey Budge

200 RYT Yoga Teacher and Chef

Maite Onochie

200 E-RYT Yoga Teacher 

Brendan Jaffer

Owner & Manager, Photographer & Videographer

Yoda the Danyasa yoga studio dog laying on the beach in Dominical

Yoda the Dog

Lovable Mascot and Guardian

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