Surf and Yoga Retreats

Make the most of your vacation with our personalized surf and yoga retreat packages where you can choose the length of your stay and the number surf and yoga sessions.

Costa Rica, and Dominical in particular, boast world class waves year round. The consistent waves combined with water temps that range from 80-84°F make it the ideal place to play in the water for extended periods. You’ll get tired but never cold!

We believe that yoga and surfing go together, so much so that we frequently speak of the yoga of surfing. The physical and mental benefits of yoga and surfing share similarities. Yoga demands focus and precise control of body movements. Surfing does the same in the water. Both teach you to be flexible, open and adaptable physically and mentally.

On a purely athletic level, asana practice gets you limber and strong to get tossed around in the surf, and for those looking to get in shape, you just can’t beat the combo to get yourself in top form in just a few days.

stand up paddle board surfing (SUP) in Dominical, Costa Rica
surf instructors and surf students after a lesson at the beach in Dominical Costa Rica

Since the two activities go so well together and since we have the balmy Pacific Ocean just outside our studio door, we have created special discounted Yoga and Surf Retreats for intrepid adventurers who want to partake in both.

Our packages accommodate all levels: beginner and expert surfers and yogis alike. For the more advanced surfers we offer a wide range of boards from 6’0″ to 10’2″.

Book your Retreat Package now and get ready for an experience you will never forget!

We offer this package in conjunction with our friends at Costa Rica Surf Camp!

If you would like to book your personalized surf and yoga retreat you can do so by selecting a room below and adding surf lessons and yoga classes on the page that follows in the check out process. Don’t worry, your reservation won’t be finalized until you enter payment information.

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions.  We look forward to hearing from you and even more so to seeing you here.

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