OCTOBER 4 – 26, 2024

Temple body arts® YOGA 200 HR TEacher training 


Temple Body Arts®
Yoga Teacher Training

Do you feel ready to…

Embody. Empower. Express. Evolve.

as the feminine leader you were born to be?

Join our global movement and collective of empowered and embodied feminine leaders, artists, creatives, yogis, dakinis, coaches on the evolutionary path committed to being of service to awakening humanity and birthing a new paradigm rooted in love and guided by grace.


Come home to the wisdom of your Temple Body. Bring your full presence into the moment and into your breath. On your journey of embodied feminine leadership, you will experience Temple Body Arts® approach to yoga through the lens of the Five Fold Path and working with archetypal energies, the feminine mysteries, and your womb wisdom. Temple Body Arts® Yoga explores ways to move and align your body to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. 


While honoring the wisdom of traditional yoga practices, Temple Body Arts® empowers you to Awaken your Graceful Warrior. Claim your space in your Temple Body and Divine Purpose. Recognize the value of your gifts and what you are here to share with the world. You are invited to step into your authentic power as a Feminine Leader. 


Allow your authentic essence to shine as you find new ways of moving and expressing yourself on and off the mat. You are a unique fingerprint of the divine. Your Temple Body is the bridge to express your infinite creative potential. You are invited to Live Artfully, on purpose co-creating with the divine as you follow your Highest Yes. 


You are invited to awaken your infinite potential through divine alignment, and authentic expression on your evolutionary path. In Temple Body Arts® Yoga, we focus on the journey and how we show up in each moment rather than being solely focused on the goal or destination. 

meet the facilitators and see if this training is for you!

Practice with Us

we begin to practice at 31 mins



At the heart of Anusara Yoga are its life-affirming principles of “Opening to Grace” and “Aligning with the Divine.” When Sofiah experienced this principle, she heard a voice that said “This is your Yoga.” Temple Body Arts® Yoga infuses this philosophy into all of its practices.

Temple Body Arts® Yoga honors the myriad of roots and lineages that have walked this evolutionary path and prepared the soil for us to Live Artfully. 


Our Temple Body Arts® Yoga Teacher Training focuses on exalting women’s empowerment and spiritual freedom. We recognize women’s cyclical nature and wisdom, and therefore, we will address how to teach and lead a yoga practice that recognizes the particularities of female anatomy and honors women’s cycles.

You will be encouraged to consider how your yoga practice may differ throughout our unique seasonal rhythms, from the onset of menarche to pregnancy and after birth, in your mothering years, or during the transition to menopause and thereafter. This perspective will translate into exploring and cultivating conscious awareness and respect for your own monthly lunar cycles.

Also, with the roots of Temple Body Arts® Yoga incorporating expressive healing arts and dance therapy, you will learn to weave expressive and organic movement throughout the practice, giving opportunities to explore your yoga off the mat and into dance. 

Yoga & Social Justice

yoga is a powerful force of social justice

Participants will be encouraged to explore the intersections between yoga and social justice by exploring yoga’s great benefits on the soul, mind, and body, specifically in calming the nervous system and addressing some of the effects of long-held trauma in the female body due to systemic racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of oppression. It is because of this understanding that our training is trauma-informed.

This training will empower you to use yoga as a powerful tool for transformation, both individually and for the collective; you will also be encouraged to become compassionate teachers who create inclusive and empowering spaces for diverse populations.

Scholarship Available

Apply today

Due to our desire to make this YTT more accessible and inclusive and offer genuine opportunities to those who are often excluded or underrepresented, we are offering two partial scholarships for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color.

We will also be offering a partial scholarship to a local Costa Rican.

However, if you are in a position to be able to pay the full tuition we kindly ask that you do not apply for a scholarship, and so allowing the scholarships to be allocated to those who genuinely need it.

To apply, fill out the application below and create a video answering the questions below, no more than 3 mins and email to [email protected].

1. What do you stand for and how do you live in devotion to your yogic path?

2. How do you envision using this experience to create divine impact?

We look forward to receiving your video applications. 



At the RYT-200 Level Training, we offer the foundation and roots of yoga through embodiment, teaching, and leading. Within asana practice, we focus on physical, mental, and spiritual alignment within each posture.

You will learn the Temple Body Arts® Yoga Signature Flow, the Five Fold Path and the art of teaching as you begin to guide others into the feminine mysteries. 


Are you interested in learning more about yoga at its roots beyond the physical practice?

Experience the power of ceremony and ritual to set intentions for the way your life unfolds. Claim your sovereignty and step through the multi-dimensional portal of the practice of yoga. Through mantra, meditation, dance and asana, we’ll weave beauty together, beyond the mat.

Are you curious about the asana practice?
Although dance is blended into this YTT, you will also leave with a solid understanding of Vinyasa class structure. Sun Salutations, key poses, and mini sequences will be covered extensively. You will also learn hands on assists and how to safely offer assists and adjustment to your students.

Do you feel ready to step into the role of an embodied feminine leader?

Practice finding and expressing your voice with a supportive group of women as you clarify and crystalize what your unique offering to the world looks like. Through peer teaching, communication exercises and group sessions we hold space for you to practice the art of leadership and divine feminine embodiment.

Do you feel called to move and dance, but have no dance background?
Movement is our birthright. No dance training or background is necessary to find your flow. It’s not about being “good at it”. We dance to get out of our heads, connect with our bodies, and find the freedom that comes with movement. 

Do you desire to stand out as a Yoga Teacher and Embodied Feminine Leader?

This training offers so much more than just your regular 200 HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training, we not only cover all that you need to be a Yoga Alliance Teacher, but so much more with Living Tantra, Divine Feminine Leadership Skills, Social Justice and Inclusivity, Magnetic Marketing, Goddess Embodiment, Expressive Healing Arts and Dance.

Do you desire to deepen into the feminine mysteries and learn more about the power of your womb and your cyclical nature as a woman?

This training is for women who were born with wombs. Even if you do not have a physical womb anymore or do not bleed, you are still welcome here to learn how to align your cyclical nature with the seasons and the moon. You will leave here empowered to design a yoga flow depending on where woman are in their own cycle. 

Meals and Accommodations

Nourish your body and soul

We believe in creating the proper environment to support you during this training. 


Farm to Table 

Food will be vegan with egg options and gluten free.  Three meals per day will be served, except on days off.

Food will made by our amazing team of Edible Alchemy chefs here on site. 

The food we prepare is sourced from local farms using organic, sustainable, biodynamic, and permaculture methods of agriculture as much possible, creating a farm to table experience to nourish the individuals creating the container. We believe that by supporting local farmers and producers who share our values, we support our eco-system, economy, community, and environment. By valuing the nourishment which put into our body, we output a higher energetic vibration, enabling the change we wish to see in the world.

We are very proud of the food we create for you and we look forward to nourishing your body and soul with delicious healthy fare!



There are two options for accommodations – private or shared. 

We look forward to accommodating you during the training in our eco-friendly, stylish and extremely comfortable up-cycled shipping container rooms here at Danyasa Eco-Retreat in Dominical Costa Rica. 

All rooms have AC, top quality mattresses and bedding, WiFi and private balconies.  

There are two options for accommodations –  private or shared.  Private rooms have a queen size bed and one person per room. Shared rooms have three twin beds, and are shared with one or two other participants.

We offer a variety of communal areas for studying or relaxing and a gorgeous swimming pool for cooling off between YTT sessions!



Claudia Gallo


Yoga for me has been a journey within, a practice of remembrance to our most connected self and an exploration deeper and deeper into our true essence: all loving, at peace and at home.”

Originally from San Jose, Costa Rica, Claudia E-RYT 500 has spent over a decade traveling, living, and teaching around the world. She lived and taught mainly in Malaysia but constantly took workshops and other trainings in other parts of South East Asia and the USA, always deepening her practice and learning creative ways of sharing the yoga traditions. She moved back to Costa Rica in 2021 and has been working and collaborating with different Yoga retreat centers, studios, and communities, managing and facilitating retreats and offering her classes and special events including Danyasa Eco-Retreat. Claudia also received 60 hours from the Temple Body Arts Mystery School with Sofiah Thom in 2022.

Anya Devi


The Alchemical Goddess & Cosmic Bhakti Yogini, Multidimensional Shadow Work & Emotional Clearing Practitioner, Temple Body Artist & Mentor.

Anya Devi is an Embodied Divine Feminine leader, Soulpreneur, teacher, coach, and guide in devotion to Divine guidance and in service to humanity.

She is committed to bringing healing and wholeness to all humankind through dedication to her embodied practices and to sharing her wisdom with her students, both in-person and through sacred-technology online.

Maite Onochie

e-RYT 300

Maite will be offering 10 hours of Women’s Yoga, Womb Wisdom, Prenatal Yoga, Social Justice

Maite will be joining us to share an introduction to prenatal and women’s yoga. After 15 years of working internationally as a social anthropologist specialized in early childhood development and childrearing, Maite’s deep heart-knowing took her on a profound pilgrimage, from her heart into the depths of her womb. It was here that she realized the need in these modern times to re-inhabit our bodies, and in doing so, the potentiality in ending cycles of violence.  Maite moved to Dominical in 2013 after taking Sofiah’s Yoga Teacher Training, she then went on to training in the Temple Body Arts Mystery School.  Maite has been weaving her wisdom through many of the trainings over the years at Danyasa.

Kaitlin Ferrell yoga teacher

Sofiah Thom

E-RYT 300 , Temple body arts® founder

Sofiah will be offering 20 hours of Temple Body Arts® Philosophy, Embodied Feminine Leadership, Off The Mat And Into The Dance

Sofiah Thom is the founder of TEMPLE BODY ARTS® Mystery School and Teacher Training and DANYASA ECO-RETREAT. Sofiah Thom is a divine feminine mentor and leader for leaders birthing a new paradigm. She is an author, modern-day temple dancer, and entrepreneur committed to the rise of the divine feminine.
Kaitlin Ferrell yoga teacher

Kaitlyn Ferrel 


Kaitlin will be offering 20 Hours of Anatomy

“I teach because I want to inspire the spark of curiosity that takes you deeper into the unknown mysteries of the practice.” 

Kaitlin Ferrell has studied with many well renowned teachers. She was fortunate enough to spend over a decade in Los Angeles, California, studying extensively with senior instructors, many of whom studied under Krishnamacharya, known to be the “Father of Modern Yoga.”

Temple Body Arts 200 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training


 • Shared return shuttle from SJO
Need to arrive by 1pm on October 4th to catch shuttle bus.
Book your flight home no earlier than 2 pm on October 26th.
• Temple Body Arts Yoga Teacher Training Danyasa Yoga Arts Manual
• 200 Hours of accreditation through Yoga Alliance
• Printed Certificate from the Temple Body Arts® Yoga School
• 22 nights at Danyasa Eco-Retreat
• 20 days of training with integration breaks



Receive $350 off of the 22 day 200HR Yoga Teacher Training if you register before August 2nd.


$1000 deposit secures your space with us.

Just choose shared or private accommodation – Limited space available!

Upon receipt of payment. We will send you our application. Receipt of deposit and completion of application form are required to guarantee your space in the training once you are accepted. Once your application has been reviewed you will receive a link to book an interview call with somebody on the Danyasa team.

Shared Room


Private Room



“I No Longer Feel Burnt Out And I’m Excited To Finally Integrate All My Passions In My Own Way Without Feeling Limited Anymore”

Aura Cleveland – Healing Artist and Yoga Teacher

“I Dove Into Myself Deeper Than I’ve Ever Gone And Was Really Able To Tap Into A Level Of Knowing Myself I’ve Never Experienced Before.”

Emma Stones – Cirque Du Soleil Performer

“It Truly Gave Me What I Came For; I Feel So Confident To Teach A Style That Works For Me As A Feminine Leader.”

Joelle Van Harten – Women’s Retreat Leader

“I Felt So Safe and Held To Let My True Authentic Self Be Seen and Explore More of My Feminine Sensual Side.”

Addie Steiner – Professional Soccer Player

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